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Betterton College Planning:
Your Personal College Counselor

Betterton College Planning offers the most accurate, detailed, and comprehensive college-planning tool available.

Created by a team of experts led by former admission and financial aid personnel at Princeton University, the college-planning tool you are about to experience is unmatched by any product on the market today.

All of us at Betterton College Planning are confident that your experience with this tool will be both enjoyable and rewarding.


  • Marc Moreau, Leading Edge Lacrosse Director

    “BCP makes it easy for us to match our athletes with the colleges that suit them best. BCP also allows our coaches to spend more time coaching and less time answering questions about the college search process. It's an incredibly valuable tool that our athletes enjoy using.”

  • Carson Beach, High School Sophomore

    “BCP helps me pick the courses I'll need to take in order to be 'on track' for my dream colleges. I'm glad I found BCP early in my high school career.”

  • June Riley, High School Senior

    “If it hadn't been for the Betterton College Planner, I would have had a college list with too many 'safety schools.' I didn't realize that my extracurricular accomplishments and personal circumstances would be considered by college admission staffs. Thanks!”

  • Tom Bottorf, College Planner

    “BCP continues to impress me. Its database includes virtually every college in the United States. Its Fit & Match algorithm is highly accurate in predicting the student's likelihood of admission. And parents appreciate the Cost & Aid section, which provides valuable information on the 'actual' cost of attendance.”

  • Duane Robinson, Parent

    “BCP helped my daughter create a well-balanced list of colleges, and the Cost & Aid feature helped me explore financial aid, state aid, and merit scholarship opportunities. BCP is 'one-stop shopping' for college planning.”

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This is the estimated cost for the Fall 2024 academic year.

This is the estimated cost for the Fall 2024 academic year.

You can see a detailed cost breakdown by going to the college's need page and clicking on Yearly Cost